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Paying Your Bill

Paying Your Bill

As part of our mission to the community, we will serve your needs regardless of your ability to pay for the care you receive. Many of our patients have some form of insurance provided through Federal or State programs or a private company.

However, should you not have coverage through one of these programs, our Financial Resource Center is available to discuss community resources for which you may be eligible.

New York State Residents may pre-screen their eligibility status for New York’s benefit programs by visiting www.mybenefits.ny.gov

If you have a question about your University Hospital bill, please contact us at (315) 464-4320 or 1-800-766-1539.

Please direct your inquiries regarding additional bills to the appropriate offices:

  • Critical Care: 315 464-2254
  • MedBest Medical Management : 315 464-2000
  • University Anesthesia : 315 469-1130
  • University Pathology: 315 464-6860
  • University Radiology: 315 464-5660

Private Insurances

Upstate University Hospital participates with several commercial and HMO insurance plans. Participation status may change with these plans, so please contact your carrier to verify your coverage, determine our participation status and to determine if authorization is required.

Managed care programs may dictate where their members receive care and they often require preauthorization for specialized services. If the plan does not authorize treatment at Upstate University Hospital, you will be billed for the care you receive.


Co-payment, deductibles and co-insurance amounts are specified in your insurance contract. We make every effort to request these payments at the time of service. If you are unable to make payment, you will be given an opportunity to make financial arrangements.

Additional Bills

Upstate University Hospital bills for the services, supplies and drugs provided by its staff. You may receive additional bills for physician services provided to you as part of an office visit or as a result of any professional interpretation of diagnostic testing such as pathology, radiology or EKG services depending on your treatment. Patients receiving surgical services at the hospital will also receive a bill from the anesthesiologist and surgeon. Discussion with Registration personnel concerning your insurance benefits will reflect authorization/coverage for the hospital portion of the bill, not for any other services rendered at the hospital.

Health Pricing Data

Below are lists outlining the current standard charges for all items and services provided by SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse – Upstate University Hospital.

These charges are not meant as a quote or guarantee of actual charges, and do not account for variables such as a patient’s medical condition, length of stay, health insurance or charges from ancillary providers who provide care to patients during their hospital stay. Please contact your insurer to obtain a more accurate and customized out-of-pocket estimate that reflects your own benefits, deductible, and copayments and to verify whether our facility is in-network or out-of-network. If you would like to speak to someone regarding a price estimate please call 315-464-5027 or visit MyChart. You do not need to create a MyChart account to obtain an estimate.

Pricing Transparency

Also included below, is the hospital's Inpatient and Outpatient Negotiated Pricing file. This file contains the hospital's negotiated Payor and respective Plans prices (Commercial, Exchange, Essential, Managed Medicaid, Managed Medicare). Please note:

  • Inpatient Hospital billing is based on DRG (Diagnosis Related Grouping)
  • Average length of stay is provided, but pricing can vary if your stay is below or above the average
  • Outpatient Hospital billing is based on CPT/HCPCS
  • Average billed charges/negotiated prices are provided for individual CPT/HCPCS
  • Not every code utilized for your procedure will have a negotiated price as charges may differ based on where your procedure was performed (case rates, per diems, bundled payments)
  • Negotiated price is determined based on specific Payor/Plan contracts and policies
  • As always, please consult with your Benefit Plan Administrator for your most accurate benefit/coverage information
  • All uninsured patients that complete a Financial Aid Application will be given a minimum 30% financial assistance discount from charges for medically necessary services. Some patients may qualify for an even greater discount, which shall be determined by completion of the Financial Aid Application.
  • Machine Readable File
Should you have any questions regarding Health Pricing Data please contact us at [email protected].